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Tai Chi Game is a game designed around the ancient Chinese philosophy "Tai Chi", "Ying-Yang", and "Five Categories".   It's game rule is simple yet interesting, and thus make it a good game for relaxing. You may click the spinning Tai Chi Download Tai Chi Game  now to download "Tai Chi Game" and have fun.  If you want to scratch a little deeper on the topic of   "Tai Chi", "Ying-Yang", and "Five Categories",   the following paragraphs may give you a quick start.

More about " Tai Chi Game"
In ancient China, some philosophers believed that everything that existed in the universe could be classified into FIVE CATEGORIES. These philosophers used the FIVE CATEGORIES combined with Tai Chi to build a theory of the universe. It's hard to translate the FIVE CATEGORIES into English without losing their real meanings, however, we try to give an explanation here:

First category : metal, or things made of metal
Second category: water, or anything in a liquid phase
Third category: plants, things made of wood or related to plants.
Fourth category: fire, or things with heat
Fifth category : ground, land, soil, dust, ash etc.

fivecats.gif (7984 bytes)There are interesting relations between these categories. For each category, there exist four different interactions between it and the other four categories. These four interactions are "GENERATE", " BE GENERATED BY ", " DESTROY, and "BE DESTROYED BY". As illustrated in the picture.   The top icon represents the first category. In counterclockwise order, the other icons represent the second, third, fourth, and fifth category respectively. Each category "GENERATES" its counterclockwise neighbor , and "IS GENERATED BY" its clockwise neighbor. In a similar way, each category can "DESTROY" its second neighbor in the counterclockwise order, and "IS DESTROYED BY" its second neighbor in the clockwise order. The wisdom of those ancient philosophers is easily appreciated by using some common sense. For example, if we burn wood, there comes fire.   We can use water to extinguish the fire and see the ashes. This explains why the third category(plants) generates the fourth one(fire), and why the second category(water) can destroy the fourth category and make the fourth category generate the fifth category(ash). Furthermore, these ancient Chinese philosophers believed that these FIVE CATEGORIES have to be kept balance. If they lose balance, there comes the disaster.
Many people recognize the symbol of Tai Chi,    Tai Chi Game  , but most people may wonder what it represents? To answer this question, let's first come back to the word " Tai Chi". The English word "Tai Chi" actually only resembles the sound of two Chinese characters. If we translate its meaning in English, it may be expressed as " The Ultimate Limit". The ancient Chinese philosophers believed that  the universe is created from emptiness. In the creation of the universe, the first stage is the appearance of Tai Chi which represents a chaotic state composed of the POSITIVE elements and the NEGATIVE elements. Everything in the universe originated from Tai Chi as a combination of the POSITIVE elements and the NEGATIVE elements in a certain form.

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